If you ask me to describe myself as a brand – I’m thoughtful and pragmatic and my work is diligent and scurpulous.

I’m a commercial product for your problem solving.

I have 2 specialization: forest industry and marketing. My competences – a symbiosis of 2  specializations.

The best day in my life was a day when I realized how many opportunities exist in the world. All you need is to leave your office.

Acquaintance with a forest industry happened thanks to the company Wood-Mizer. After that I worked with funds, investors, advertising experts in web sphere, made hypothesis and checked them. To present my product on a high level. To get a feedback from a number of world leaders in forest industry.

After that I realized what a B2B client needs. My aim is to be a high level professional in forest industry, professional in business packaging.

Many things are important. Details are the most important. Adherence and confidence – is my guaranty.

Situations that teach you most are those when you risk your money and reputation.

Aleksandr Wysocki



Who needs just advertising? No one! Everyone needs a result of advertising. So with me you'll get a guarantee of result. Whether it's promotion to the TOP 10 or  contextual advertising.

I have seen and learnt more advertising and websites, than any of the advertisers in the forest industry.

Why me and why should you listen to me.

I have a narrow specialization and wide opportunities.

On the one hand  I have good technology and an excellent web studio. On the other hand there is a leading advertising agency.

There are few people who want to buy just a website or advertisement. With my help, you’ll get a result from zero to a ready-made solution and leads to your site.


Investment planning.

Product Management. Positioning.

Interaction with the production. Quality control.

Knowledge of the specifics and all the "underwater" stones of wood cutting.

Monitoring the use of tools for more than 200 productions in Russia and Belarus.

Analysis of competitive products.

Experience of negotiating, contracting, contract enforcement. I have visited such factories as QSGS Technology, Wood-Mizer, Fenes.


Listen to me because I know what you do not know. I would like you to promise that you will read carefully and won’t judge me until you read to the end. If you can not do this, then please do not continue. But if you decide to continue remember this is your choice.

Now avoid distractions and read to the end.