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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30

Digital wood industry From using drones to monitor forests to implementing digital platforms for better supply chain management, there are endless opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability through technology Digitalisation Now Don't let the fear of change hold you back - join the movement towards a more digitally-enabled future for the forest industry More than one industry Silviculture, forestry, wood processing, furniture, wood construction, pulp & paper, biofuel and related sectors

For forest startups

Gathering of startups, software and hardware developers and enthusiasts to promote their solutions, discover new opportunities and gain insights

For wood companies

Piloting technologies and solutions together with foresters, loggers, haulers, exporters, industrial consumers and third party companies

For stakeholders

Online and offline platform which connects innovators with stakeholders in the wood industry for creating new ways and models for cooperation

Forest industry involves the management, harvesting, and processing of timber and other forest products

Involves the planning, design, and building of structures, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Includes production of paper, packaging, and other products using wood fibers and other materials.

Using forest biomass for the biofuel industry involves converting organic matter from forests into renewable energy sources

The entire point
to the digital wood industry for startups

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Can range from advising on sustainable forest management practices and certifications to providing guidance on product development, market analysis, and sales strategies.

Marketing & PR

Help businesses develop effective messaging and campaigns, establish a strong brand identity, and expand their customer base through targeted advertising, promotions, and sales tactics


Build a strong relationship with the founders. Connect with relevant stakeholders. Encourage experimentation and learning. Stay up to date with new technologies. Build a network of experts




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