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Digitalisation of forests in Estonia

Digitalisation of forests in Estonia

Estonia is often considered the most digitalised forest country in the world, thanks to its innovative use of technology in the management and monitoring of its forests. With over half of its land area covered by forests, forestry is a crucial industry in Estonia, contributing significantly to the country’s economy and providing numerous jobs.

One of the main reasons why Estonia is the most digitalised forest country is its use of a digital forest management system called “Erametsakeskus.” This online platform allows private forest owners to manage their forest holdings, including planning and tracking harvesting, submitting applications for funding, and accessing forest-related information and services. Erametsakeskus is also used by the Estonian government to monitor and regulate the forestry sector, ensuring sustainable and responsible forest management practices.

Another significant development in Estonia’s digital forestry sector is the use of drones for forest monitoring. Drones equipped with cameras and sensors can provide real-time information about the health, growth, and productivity of trees, enabling forest managers to identify potential problems early and take appropriate action. Drones can also be used to map forest areas and estimate the volume and quality of timber.

In addition to Erametsakeskus and drones, Estonia has also developed other digital forestry tools, such as smartphone apps that provide forest owners with information about forest management practices and market trends. These apps can also help forest owners connect with forestry professionals and access forestry-related services.

Estonia’s focus on digitalisation in forestry has many benefits, including increased efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. By using technology to streamline forest management processes, Estonia has been able to reduce costs and improve the accuracy of data collection and analysis. Digitalisation has also made it easier for forest owners to access information and services, empowering them to make informed decisions about their forest holdings.

In conclusion, Estonia is the most digitalised forest country in the world, thanks to its innovative use of technology in forest management and monitoring. By embracing digitalisation, Estonia has been able to improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in its forestry sector, providing numerous benefits to forest owners and the wider economy.

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