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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30

5th Meeting of the Leading Innovators in the Forestry

5th Meeting of the Leading Innovators in the Forestry

In a world driven by technology, the forestry industry is not immune to the wave of innovation sweeping across various sectors. Recognizing the significance of software solutions in the forestry domain, the fifth meeting of leading innovators in the forestry industry convened to discuss a crucial aspect—training users of forest software solutions. The meeting brought together prominent companies such as Pinja, HD LogSystems, Polter, Deeplai, and WoodFlow Brazil, each contributing their unique experiences and practices from domestic markets.

One key realization that emerged from the meeting was that not all individuals are advanced users of smart solutions, even if they are open to embracing innovation. In order to harness the full potential of forest software solutions, users need to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to utilize these technologies efficiently. Therefore, the meeting participants agreed that educating and training users should be a top priority.

During the brainstorming sessions, valuable insights were shared, and customer needs were carefully examined to gain a comprehensive understanding of their expectations and requirements. This exchange of knowledge and expertise will enable the participating members to serve the wood sector more effectively. By aligning their solutions with the specific needs of the industry, these leading innovators aim to drive positive change and transformation in the forestry sector.

However, the meeting attendees realized that being innovators also means fostering dialogue, integration, and collaboration. While they play a crucial role in driving digitalization, it is equally important to give the wood companies themselves a voice. The wood industry holds a wealth of knowledge and experiences, and by actively engaging with these companies, the innovators can gain valuable insights into the pain points and challenges faced by the industry.

As a result of the fifth meeting, the decision was made to open the doors for timber companies to join as members and attendees of a conference that will include hackathons and roundtable discussions. This year, the conference will take place online in November, with only 300 tickets available. The Linkiwood conference on the 21st of November promises to be a unique platform where industry professionals can come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate on finding innovative solutions to the challenges facing the wood sector.

To stay updated on the conference details and secure a chance to book your ticket to this exclusive event, be sure to follow the innovators’ progress. The conference presents a valuable opportunity for stakeholders in the forestry industry to connect, learn from one another, and collectively contribute to the advancement of the wood sector.

In conclusion, the fifth meeting of the leading innovators in the forestry industry has highlighted the importance of training users of forest software solutions. By prioritizing education and skill-building, these innovators aim to empower individuals to effectively utilize technological advancements in the industry. Additionally, by opening the doors to wood companies and giving them a voice, the innovators seek to create a collaborative environment where industry needs and pain points can be addressed. The upcoming Linkiwood conference in November promises to be a milestone event, facilitating knowledge sharing, networking, and the generation of innovative ideas.