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Global Research Reveals Industry Expectations in Wood, Forestry, and Forest Software

Global Research Reveals Industry Expectations in Wood, Forestry, and Forest Software

Introduction: The wood, forestry, and forest software industries stand at the forefront of sustainable resource management and technological innovation. These sectors play a pivotal role in preserving our natural resources while driving advancements in forest-related technologies. To better understand the expectations and preferences of professionals within these domains, a comprehensive global research survey was conducted. This research offers a glimpse into the minds of industry experts, shedding light on their insights and expectations. In this article, we delve into the key findings of this survey and draw meaningful conclusions that can help shape the future of the wood industry.

Role in the Wood Company: The survey’s participants represented a wide array of roles within their respective wood companies. Notably, 71% of respondents were CEOs or Presidents, underscoring the high level of involvement and interest of top-level decision-makers. Managers constituted 12% of the participants, while 17% identified themselves as staff or employees.

Type of Companies Represented: The diversity of companies that participated in the survey reflects the broad spectrum of interests within the wood industry. Companies spanned various sectors, including logging, wood processing, wood products distribution, IT, software development, digital tools, and even forest machine manufacturing.

Forest Event Attendance: The survey probed into the frequency of forest event attendance among respondents. The results revealed that 53% had attended 1-2 forest events in the past year, while 24% had participated in 3-5 forest events. Interestingly, 23% had not attended any forest events in the specified timeframe.

Preferred Forest Event Types: When it comes to the types of forest events preferred by respondents, the survey yielded the following insights:

  • 65% favored conferences.
  • 82% expressed a keen interest in trade shows.
  • 53% enjoyed attending exhibitions.
  • 47% found value in workshops, seminars, and webinars.

Event Format Preference: Inquiring about format preferences for forest events revealed that 65% of respondents preferred in-person events, while 35% favored virtual events.

Ideal Duration for Forest Events: A significant majority, comprising 94%, indicated that 2-3 days was the ideal duration for a forest event, while only 6% preferred events lasting 4-5 days.

Preferred Format of Business Programs: In terms of business program format, the respondents’ choices were as follows:

  • 76% preferred keynote speeches.
  • 59% expressed interest in panel discussions.
  • 35% favored workshops.
  • 53% enjoyed networking sessions.

Topics of Interest for the Program: The survey participants were asked about the topics they would like to see covered in forest event programs. The results were as follows:

  • 65% were interested in Sustainable Forestry.
  • 59% wanted to learn about Wood Processing Technologies.
  • 71% expressed interest in Market Trends and Opportunities.
  • 41% were concerned about Environmental Impact and Conservation.
  • 100% showed enthusiasm for Innovation and Technology Advancements.
  • Only 6% were interested in Climate & Green Investment Opportunities.

Relevant Benefits of Attending Forest Events: Understanding the benefits attendees found relevant in forest events was crucial. The following responses were received:

  • 83% valued Networking Opportunities.
  • 82% saw value in Knowledge Sharing and Learning.
  • 65% were interested in forging Business Partnerships.
  • 59% sought Access to Industry Experts.
  • 88% wanted Product Demonstrations.
  • 24% looked forward to After-Party Networking.

Comfortable Duration of Presentations: Regarding the length of presentations, the respondents’ comfort levels were as follows:

  • 41% preferred presentations lasting 20 minutes.
  • 24% were comfortable with presentations lasting 15 minutes.
  • 29% preferred presentations lasting 30 minutes.
  • Only 6% favored presentations lasting 25 minutes.

Desired Attendee Types: The survey aimed to understand the types of attendees respondents preferred to see or meet at forest events. The following responses were obtained:

  • 83% wanted to meet Industry Leaders.
  • 47% were interested in Researchers and Academics.
  • 65% looked forward to meeting Suppliers and Vendors.
  • 82% expressed interest in Potential Customers/Clients.
  • 41% desired to meet Government Representatives.
  • Only 6% showed interest in Investors from Green and Sustainable Finance.

Comfortable Event Size: The survey inquired about the comfortable event size for respondents to attend. The results were as follows:

  • 48% preferred Medium-sized events (100-500 participants).
  • 42% were comfortable with Large-sized events (500-1000 participants).
  • Only 12% were at ease with Very Large events (more than 1000 participants).

Preferred Location for Annual General Meeting: If an annual general meeting was preferred, the respondents’ choices were as follows:

  • 98% favored the USA or Europe.
  • 1% were interested in South America.
  • 1% had no specific location preference.

Request for Event Session Recordings and Presentation Materials: The survey questioned respondents about their interest in accessing event session recordings and presentation materials. The results were as follows:

  • 71% wanted recordings of event sessions.
  • 29% were not interested in session recordings.
  • 53% needed PDF presentations of the speakers.
  • 47% did not require PDF presentations.

Contact Information Sharing: Regarding contact information sharing, the responses were as follows:

  • 70% of respondents wanted to receive contact information for event attendees.
  • 30% did not want to share contact information.

Need for Online Chat Platform: When asked about the requirement for an online chat platform to interact with attendees and speakers, the responses were as follows:

  • 59% needed an online chat platform for interaction.
  • 41% did not require an online chat platform.

Conclusion: The global research on expectations in the wood, forestry, and forest software industries provides invaluable insights into the preferences of professionals within these sectors. The survey underscores a strong interest in attending forest events, with a preference for conferences and trade shows. While in-person events remain popular, there is a growing acceptance of virtual formats.

Now that we’ve explored the fascinating insights from our global research on the wood, forestry, and forest software industries, it’s time to put this knowledge into action. We invite you to be part of a transformative experience that will shape the future of these vital sectors.

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