About us

The Project

Linkiwood – it’s the first international trade platform for professionals to buy/sell guaranteed wood assets. Free access to the trade system & network

The Mission

The platform connects buyers with sellers from all over the world removing language barrier and specific local standards. The App is created as must-have tool for timber traders, analytics, managers. It starts as trade platform then leads to digital assets trade.  

The Team

Experienced professionals from forest business, marketing, e-commerce, IT & DT, security. Board members and advisors are top-managers from pulp & biofuel industry, financial companies. 

The Field

From the timber up to pulp & paper industry

Wood-based commodities

227 unified wood products ( sawn timber, pallets, plywood, cardboard, pulp, veneer, pellets, wood chips etc.

Who are the Users

Managers from various companies:

Huge (more than 1 mln. m3/m2/ tons)

Big (100.000-1.000.000 m3/m2/ tons)

Medium (20.000-100.000 m3/m2/ tons)

Small (<20.000 m3/m2/ tons)

What kind of Problems solves the Project

New customers search and checking their rate

Fast & secured deals as never

Secured payments

Protection from claims

Due diligence

Auto deals with digital documents

Clear supply chain 

Ultimate personal data privacy 

Secured messenger

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