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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30


“Every time companies ask the question... can you help us with marketing & PR, project & product management, organising a webinar, conference, business mission, connect with the right person or even assist with piloting. And I tell 'em - I can help if I believe in you. There's more there than that, my friends. You all like a bit of the good business - some the revenue, some the awareness, other an access to experts, or the fun. But this a new format of cooperation, oh, it's different. Why? Because you have a change to get exclusive competencies and become a part of the wood family.”
(c) Alex Wysocki, Founder

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the digital wood industry

An association of innovators in the wood industry is a community that develops and implements new ideas and technologies to share experiences, build closer relationships, find new solutions, learn, learn from each other, test technologies and develop innovations.

The Association may use references to validate and promote the use of its members’ solutions. These references can include case studies, testimonials, and other forms of documentation that demonstrate the value and effectiveness of the solutions. By providing references, the association can help build trust in the industry and promote the adoption of software solutions that support sustainable forest management practices.

The objective of the association of innovators is to bring together companies, startups and individuals involved in the development and implementation of software & hardware innovations for the forest, woodworking, biofuel, palp & paper and construction industries.
The association aims to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members, to promote innovations, and to support the adoption of technology that contributes to new practices.

The Association may develop standards to promote consistency and quality in the development and implementation of forest software & hardware solutions. These standards can cover areas such as data management, interoperability, and sustainability. By developing and adhering to these standards, the association can help ensure that forest software solutions are effective, efficient, and sustainable, and that they meet the needs of the forest industry and its stakeholders.


Cross-sectoral collaboration is important to the association because it provides the basis for decision-making, innovation and relationships within the association.


Silviculture is the practice of growing, tending, and managing forests for the purpose of achieving specific goals such as timber production, wildlife habitat, or ecosystem restoration.

Wood construction

The wood construction industry involves the use of wood as a primary material for the design, construction, and assembly of buildings, structures, and other architectural works.

Wood processing

The industry involves the conversion of raw wood materials into various finished products such as lumber, wood panels, decking, mass timber, furniture, among others.

Paper & Biofuel

The paper and biofuel industry involves the production of paper products and biofuels from renewable resources such as wood pulp, agricultural residues, and other biomass materials.


Founders & Owners

Business owners of existing forest software and hardware companies, wood-related companies, and founders of forest start-ups and cross-industry projects.


Top managers

Top managers are executives who oversee the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of a company, and can include roles such as CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, and CIO.


Influencers & Insiders

Includes technology analysts, thought leaders, and community leaders, while the timber industry may include forest land owners, investors, and experts.