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Alex has 13 year background in the forestry: Ex-General manager (EMEA) at PNORS. Representative at Trimble Forestry in Eastern Europe. Agent for Fordaq. DPM at B2BWood. Events organiser, speaker, mentor, advisor, influencer. Super creative in marketing and customer development. His main area is IT […]

Board member

More than 15 years of experience in international consultancy related to the forest sector, with Finnish company Porini Log Oy Senior Advisor at Indufor Group Ltd. Senior Advisor at NCPartnering Ltd. International Sales Agent of Wyssen Seilbahnen AG – economically feasible and ecologically […]

Michael is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the e-commerce and trade industry. As the founder of MaterialsXchange, a renowned startup established in the US in 2019, he possesses a deep understanding of e-commerce and trade features. Michael’s expertise […]

Ambassador in France


The platform that addresses all these issues, ensuring a better buying and selling experience for Brazilian wood. At WoodFlow platform, the buyers can see their orders updates in real-time and have access to the profile of suppliers, being able to know their history […]


FOROS is a unique global platform for green investments, understand a forest worth, invest at fairmarket prices, and manage your investments in one place with 100% guaranteed transactionauthenticity.

Member is the first-ever digital marketplace designed to help merchants find more supply options. An online platform that complements traditional networking channels allowing sellers to easily display their business capabilities and product catalogue to our community of merchant buyers. “When researching prices and […]


PolterApp is a user friendly mobile application for woodpile measurement and inventory. It runs on iPhones and iPads. Beside basic data collection like woodpile owner, price, certificates, photos, geo location etc. the PolterApp comprises three classic volume measurement methods: Estimation, Single Logs and […]

Ambassador in Australia

Jason Ross is a highly experienced professional with over 15 years of expertise in the building and construction industry – and is one of the most connected people in the Australian timber industry. He has connected with over 400 specifiers and has a keen […]

Ambassador in Vietnam

Independent forestry consultant with personal experience from development projects, forest enterprises and government agencies; the past 14 years in Indochina, mainly Vietnam. Ongoing and recent short-term assignments in Indochina region on: – Formulating the EU-Vietnam Forestry Support Project – Supporting management of production-, […]


Expert from Finland

Fresh face in the industry. Currently working as a system develop and design coordinator for forest machine manufacturer. Strong IT background and eagerness to keep up with newest trends. Experience working in a competitive environment and managing multiple customers, and sensitivity to customer […]


An application for timber measurement. It measures volume and diameters of logs in a stack by photo from your smartphone. It is an easy-to-use tool, which can integrate with various storage modules.


OTMETKA develops technology to digitize timber flow during felling, using a unique code stamped on each log. The encrypted code allows for direct storage of production data, improving planning and traceability. With GPS technology, logs become trackable, enabling automatic certification. This method, designed […]


Pinja Digital Oy is a dynamic Finnish company that offers innovative digitalization and software solutions to businesses across various sectors. Heart of Pinja strategy is Wood Industry. With a strong emphasis on customer-centricity and cutting-edge technology, Pinja leverages its expertise to help organizations […]


About Deeplai: Timber Identification technology is solving the digitalisation of sustainable forest resource management, traceability transparency and timber provenance to the source. TimberID is complaint with the EU Deforestation Regulation obligations. Deeplais’ TimberID – Timber Identification is a ground-breaking DeepTech solution combining AI/ML image processing, […]


LogStackLIDAR is a handheld measuring device for log stacks that utilizes the built-in LIDAR sensor of Apple iPad Pro devices to provide efficient and reliable measurements of timber stacks without manual references, ensuring accurate results and eliminating human errors, making it the most […]