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About Deeplai:

Timber Identification technology is solving the digitalisation of sustainable forest resource management, traceability transparency and timber provenance to the source. TimberID is complaint with the EU Deforestation Regulation obligations.

Deeplais’ TimberID – Timber Identification is a ground-breaking DeepTech solution combining AI/ML image processing, analysis and recognition with a proprietary invented unique variable code marking technology delivering ~100% accuracy in harvested timber provenance authentication and traceability – all in a single platform. The Dcode is an encrypted variable code mark sourced by positioning satellite signals accessible globally, indented on a timber surface by using a dedicated marker unit. Dcode is generated when being applied in a unique structure with no pre-set database and delivering a geo-localization accuracy of 2m, timestamp accuracy of a 1 second level. The timber database is created by an image sourcing of the timber surface, and/or reading the Dcode encrypted data, performed by a dedicated mobile app, all stored and processed on a dedicated cloud platform, AWS.

born on: 2019
lives in: Lublin, Poland