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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30

h For Industry Marketing & PR solutions for the forest companies, loggers, contractors, pulp & paper brands, traders and organisations Companies For forest Startups Marketing for forest start-ups to increase visibility, reach potential customers and establish the brand For wood Events Marketing support for conference and shows organizers to promote to potential cexhibitors and visitors

How to Stand Out Of The Crowd

Marketing strategies are crucial to reaching potential customers and increasing sales in the wood sector, which is a competitive and conservative sector. The goal of marketing in the wood industry is to promote not only the leaders of bust support SME companies and startups.

Target Audience in Wood Industry

There are many different niches to target in the wood industry, however common
segments that you can target include: Landowners, Contractors, Loggers, Traders, etc.

Marketing Methods and Channels in Wood Industry

Depending on the product, the market, and the customer's preferences, marketing methods can be categorised into: online marketing, trade shows and exhibitions, direct marketing, referral and content marketing.

Best in the world expertise in the wood industry have a deep understanding of the market, including the challenges and opportunities. This expertise can be leveraged to develop tailored marketing and PR strategies that resonate with forestry companies and stakeholders.

A multi-channel approach to marketing and PR can help companies reach their target forest audience through a variety of mediums. This can include social media, email marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

A strong network of forestry industry contacts can provide valuable connections and insights to their clients. This can include access to industry influencers, journalists, and other stakeholders that can help amplify a company's message.

With growing consumer awareness and demand for sustainable practices, a marketing studio that prioritises sustainability in the forestry industry can help companies differentiate themselves and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Provide measurable results for their clients can demonstrate the effectiveness of their strategies and build trust with clients. This can include metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, media mentions, and sales leads generated.

Stays ahead of wood industry trends and leverages the latest marketing and PR technologies can help companies stand out in a crowded market. Fresh and innovative ideas for promoting products or services exactly in your sector


In 2023 the team worked with Alex Wysocki to create the brand Linkiwood, inspired by the European mythology of trees. Our team worked closely with Alex to develop a concept that moved away from the green cliché and instead opted for warm yellows to represent fresh lumber. We designed the brand book, presentation design and website to match the popular Instagram feed to maintain consistency and reinforce the brand identity. Through close collaboration with Alexander, we were able to find the golden ratio, which helped us meet very tight deadlines and save on costs. Our creative team has worked tirelessly to bring Alex's vision to life, and the end result is a stunning representation of Linkiwood's brand.

Wood Business Summits

2022. We analysed 20+ websites of various events in the forestry to get a full picture and recognise the competitors. Then we developed a comprehensive event plan that included creating modern logos, designing eye-catchy presentations, and producing high-quality photo and video materials for promotion across various social media platforms and exhibitions in the forestry to reach the right audience. Additionally, we developed various ticket types and sponsorship options, implemented a ticket sales system that included promotional codes, and connected a CRM system to manage attendees. The team also ensured proper event tracking and performance by connecting an analytics system. To ensure a successful outcome, we hired sales and PR managers and managed social media presence. We provided the client with a turn-key solution that exceeded their expectations.

What services you can get

Joining forces has never been more powerful. Trust the strongest forest marketing team in the world. Choose the best expertise without breaking the bank. Contact us today.


Brand identity

Define how to represent your brand in the industry


Finding a brand name that reflects its forest identity

Logo creation

Logo that represents your brand in the wood sector


A guideline for the use of a brand’s elements

Visual production

Creating visual content 


Marketing analysis 

Evaluating wood market trends, timber consumer behaviour and competition

Marketing strategy

A plan of action designed to promote and sell in the wood sector

Event marketing 

Developing a concept and setup marking for your event or prepare your company to attend in the wood fair

Merchandising concept

A strategy of presenting wood products or equipment to maximise sales


Search engine optimisation 

SEO. Improving a website’s ranking in SERP

Social media marking

Managing your channels or creating content for LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Website development

Building super serious or simple websites customised for the wood industry users

Pay-Per-Click advertising 

An effective way to drive traffic and conversions to a website