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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30

Speaker Spotlight: Bengt Sörvik

Speaker Spotlight: Bengt Sörvik

Join us in welcoming Bengt Sörvik, an innovator whose journey through Scandinavian and international forestry has shaped the industry’s future. With a remarkable knack for unraveling complex challenges, Bengt boasts a portfolio of over 55 patents (including some expired), solidifying his standing as a pioneer in the machinery industry.

Key Achievements: Bengt’s pioneering spirit led him to spearhead a groundbreaking initiative in 2005—a revolutionary forest logistic system emphasising complete digitisation and timber flow traceability. This visionary project, nurtured step by step, has evolved into a concept that OTMETKA is currently developing, marking a milestone in forestry technology.

A Journey Rooted in Experience: Before formal education, Bengt immersed himself in practical felling work, machine operation, and various forestry tasks. This hands-on experience became the cornerstone for his innovative approach. His practical insights became instrumental in crafting patentable solutions and pioneering services that revolutionized the forestry landscape.

Bridging Practicality with Innovation: Bengt’s career encapsulates the seamless fusion of practical forestry experience with groundbreaking innovation. His ability to transform firsthand knowledge into patentable, industry-shaping solutions has defined his impactful journey in forestry technology.

Don’t miss the chance to glean insights from Bengt Sörvik’s unparalleled expertise! Join us as he shares his journey, from practical forestry to pioneering digitisation and innovation in the machinery industry. An opportunity to learn from a visionary shaping the future of forestry awaits!