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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30



30 November 2023 – Linkiwood, the forefront networking platform for professionals in the wood industry, successfully hosted the world’s pioneering Wood Tech Leadership Summit. The brainchild of renowned organiser Alex Wysocki, the summit focused on exploring the digital frontier within forestry and wood processing, drawing together an international array of industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals.

Held in an immersive online format, the summit aimed to bridge geographical barriers, providing an unprecedented platform for speakers and participants from diverse countries to engage, exchange ideas, and explore digital advancements in the sector. Linkiwood partnered with WillInt to bring this pioneering event to fruition.

The Wood Tech Leadership Summit featured a lineup of esteemed speakers from esteemed organizations and associations including the International Forestry Students Association, National Hardwood Lumber Association, and International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). Among the noteworthy speakers were Ramon Carrillo from ITTO (Japan), Jason Ross from WoodCentral (Australia), Ashley Steel from FAO of the United Nations, and leading experts from innovative companies such as Pinja (Finland), HD LogSystems (Denmark), MiCROTEC (Sweden), VMG Technics (Lithuania) and more.

The summit comprised five engaging sessions, delving into pivotal aspects of the industry, including global forest community dynamics, solutions tailored for foresters, wood processing company management, digital timber trading solutions, and comprehensive timber market reviews.

An impressive roster of attendees representing distinguished companies like Enviva Biomass, Merensky Timber, Binderholz, UFP Industries, Jartek, VMG, Pfeifer, and Metsa, along with numerous SMEs and large-scale entities in the sawmill, timber trading, and wood processing sectors, collectively contributed to the summit’s success. With an astounding turnout of approximately 700 attendees, the global representation showcased a diverse mix of participants predominantly from the USA, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Lithuania, Australia, China, Poland, Estonia, and beyond.

Reflecting on the summit’s accomplishment, attendees expressed, “The Wood Tech Leadership Summit emerged as an unparalleled platform, uniting software developers, digital calculation sources, databases, consulting services, woodworking, biofuel, trading, and construction companies.”

The organizers are currently analyzing the wealth of data garnered and preparing for next year’s summit, themed “Doing Wood Business”. The plans include an enhanced offline format, gathering wood business leaders from around the globe. 

Interested individuals can contact the organizer via email to propose partnership, speaking opportunities, or sponsorship.