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Which forestry exhibitions should you plan to attend in 2023

Which forestry exhibitions should you plan to attend in 2023

Not so long ago, a founder of FOROS (It’s a the first forest startups from Lithuania) asked me what forest events should be relevant to visit in 2023. I shared the list, and then I decided to share with you. So save this list and book your tickets


LIGNA is the biggest forest event in the world, which is held annually in Germany. This event is not only a platform for discovering innovations and networking with industry peers, but also offers a range of special formats that cater to the entire spectrum of the woodworking and wood processing industry. With so much on offer, attendance at this event is a must for anyone working in this field.

When: 15-19 May

Where: Germany, Wagenhallen Stuttgart


Swedish Forestry Expo

Another noteworthy event is the Swedish Forestry Expo, which is a brand new meeting place for the professional, large-scale forestry industry. Created by the trade association MaskinLeverantörerna, this event focuses exclusively on showcasing relevant products, both machines and accessories, for the forestry industry. The event will take place at Solvalla, a venue with facilities that can support this new concept, and promises to be an easily accessible meeting place with a practical layout where visitors can experience all it has to offer.

When: 1-3 June

Where: Sweden, Stockholm 



Euroforest, held annually in France’s Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, is another event that should not be missed by those in the woodworking and forestry industry. This event features a wide range of exhibitors and demonstrations of machines working in the real field, making it a great place for the presentation of products and services.

When: 22-24 June 

Where: France, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté



In Poland, the largest event dedicated to the forestry and lumber business is EKO-LAS. The event’s formula, which includes demonstrations of machines working in the real field, has been well-received in the past, attracting crowds of visitors. The event is a great place for the presentation of products and services, with 100+ exhibitors.

When: 07-09 September 

Where: Poland, Mostki k. Świebodzina 


Mumbai Wood

Mumbai Wood is one of the leading exhibitions for the furniture production technologies, woodworking machinery, tools, fittings, accessories, raw materials, and products industry in India. It offers a comprehensive overview of the latest manufacturing trends in furniture manufacturing, woodworking technologies, tools, fittings, accessories, and raw materials.

When: 12-14 October

Where: India, Mumbai 


German Wood Congress

In Germany, the Wood Congress is a major event that attracts professionals from the woodworking and forestry industry. The event features a mixture of lectures, trade exhibitions, and network meetings that provide attendees with a wealth of information and opportunities to network.

When: 8-9 November

Where: Germany, Wagenhallen Stuttgart


Mokkiten Japan 2023

Finally, Mokkiten Japan and Woodtech Africa are two other noteworthy events that bring together all constituents of the woodworking industry under one roof to create a neutral platform for manufacturers and consumers to share information, knowledge, and understand market dynamics.

When: 5-7 October

Where: Japan, Nagoya


In conclusion, attending woodworking and forestry industry trade shows and exhibitions is an essential part of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in this field. From LIGNA in Germany to Woodtech Africa in Kenya, there are a wide variety of events to choose from, each offering unique insights and opportunities for networking and learning.