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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30

S01E07: Networking helps Deeplai to meet a new US partner

S01E07: Networking helps Deeplai to meet a new US partner

In the midst of summer holidays, the members of our innovative community managed to find time for a fruitful discussion during the 7th meeting of leading innovators in the forestry industry. This remarkable gathering saw the participation of renowned individuals such as Alex Wysocki, Mike Wisnefski, Andy from WoodScanner, Jens from HD LogSystems, and Swapan representing Deeplai.

During the meeting, Mike Wisnefski shared a particularly intriguing case involving Swapan from Deeplai. It was an excellent testament to the power of networking within our community. Swapan had the opportunity to connect with a potential partner in the USA through Mike, revealing the true potential of collaboration and mutual support among our members.

Let’s delve into the remarkable innovations brought forth by Deeplai, especially their groundbreaking TimberID – Timber Identification technology. This revolutionary DeepTech solution seamlessly integrates AI/ML image processing, analysis, and recognition with a uniquely invented variable code marking technology. The result is an astonishing ~100% accuracy in authenticating and tracing the provenance of harvested timber, all encompassed within a single platform.

One of the key focuses of TimberID is the digitalization of sustainable forest resource management, offering unmatched traceability transparency and timber provenance tracing back to the source. Moreover, this solution diligently adheres to the EU Deforestation Regulation obligations, emphasizing its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The heart of Deeplai’s innovation lies in the Dcode, an encrypted variable code mark etched onto the timber surface using a dedicated marker unit. This code is generated without any preset database, granting it a unique structure. Geo-localization accuracy of an impressive 2 meters and a timestamp precision down to one second level are achieved through positioning satellite signals accessible worldwide.

The timber database, a critical component of TimberID, is constructed through image sourcing of the timber surface and/or by reading the encrypted data within the Dcode. This process is seamlessly facilitated by a dedicated mobile app, with all data securely stored and processed on the reliable AWS cloud platform.

In conclusion, the 7th meeting of leading innovators in the forestry industry not only demonstrated the spirit of collaboration but also brought to light remarkable advancements like Deeplai’s TimberID technology. By combining cutting-edge AI/ML capabilities with an innovative variable code marking approach, Deeplai has set a new standard for timber provenance authentication and traceability.

As we continue our journey of innovation and cooperation, the possibilities for further advancements in sustainable forest management are undoubtedly bright. Our shared vision for a greener future drives us forward, and the success of our members exemplifies the impact that collective effort can achieve in the forestry sector.

Join us as we stride towards a future where technology and environmental sustainability harmoniously thrive. Together, we can shape a better world for the forestry industry and beyond.