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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30

S01E08: Meeting of the members: Wood Marketplaces

S01E08: Meeting of the members: Wood Marketplaces

Weekly Meeting of Wood Industry Innovators Unveils Insights and Plans for Future

In a bid to foster collaboration and drive innovation in the wood industry, the Association of Innovators in the Wood Industry held its 8th weekly meeting, centered on the theme of “Wood Marketplaces.” The virtual gathering brought together prominent figures and pioneers from the forestry sector, setting the stage for enriching discussions and fruitful exchanges of ideas.

Diverse Participation

The meeting boasted an impressive lineup of participants, including notable names such as Alex, Mike, Andy from WoodScanner, Gustavo from WoodFlow, Swapan from Deeplai, and Paul from Fosize. With a wealth of expertise and experience among them, the event promised a dynamic and constructive dialogue.

Unveiling Insights into Wood Marketplaces

The primary focus of the meeting was to explore the landscape of wood marketplaces and timber trade platforms in various regions, with specific attention on the UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Turkey, Romania, and Poland. Participants delved into an in-depth analysis of the different platforms, evaluating their interfaces, functionality, usability, and user engagement metrics, such as the number of visitors and members in directories.

During the discussions, it became evident that while many wood trade platforms exist, not all of them are thriving. Several platforms were found to be lacking the true essence of a marketplace and were merely digital brokers or intermediaries. Mike Wisnefski highlighted the critical role of proper development and emphasized the need for realism when entering the digital marketplace landscape. The meeting aimed to address these challenges and offer guidance to members on how to succeed and avoid epic pitfalls in the timber trade platform sector.

Webinar on Timber Trade Platforms

The association is set to organize an open webinar dedicated to timber trade platforms, which will feature Alex Wysocki sharing his vision and reviewing all known timber marketplaces. The webinar aims to provide valuable insights to members on surviving and thriving in the competitive market, thereby fostering a more robust and sustainable ecosystem for digital forestry worldwide.

Global Networking Event – International Linkiwood Innovation Conference in November

One of the highlights of the meeting was the announcement of the upcoming “International Linkiwood Innovation Conference.” The two-day conference, scheduled for November 30, is expected to bring together 30 start speakers, 500 wood industry leaders and professionals, 100.000 people will hear about this event from around the world. The event aims to serve as a premier platform for wood innovators, forest startups, and timber professionals to network, collaborate, and share their visions and insights.

The association emphasized that the conference is not designed to compete with existing forest events; instead, it seeks to establish a dedicated platform for binding forest software innovators with wood companies, thus shaping the future of digital forestry worldwide. Tickets for the conference will be available for pre-order in September. But you can text us now and book them.

Commitment to Continuous Learning

Throughout the meeting, members absorbed valuable lessons on the success factors for timber trade platforms, including the importance of user interfaces, the most visited pages, and customer behavior. Armed with this newfound knowledge, they are eager to implement practical strategies and foster growth in their respective ventures.

Looking Ahead

With the meeting concluding on a high note, participants expressed their enthusiasm for reconvening in August after the summer holidays. They look forward to building upon the insights gained, forging stronger connections, and collectively driving innovation in the wood industry.