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Linkiwood Forges a Pioneering Partnership with International Forestry Students’ Association

Linkiwood Forges a Pioneering Partnership with International Forestry Students’ Association

We are delighted to declare a significant stride in the forestry and wood products industry with the establishment of a strategic partnership between Linkiwood, with Alex Wysocki as its founder, and the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA), represented by Isabelle Claire Dela Paz.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

1. Fortifying the Wood Industry Ecosystem:

This partnership unites Linkiwood and IFSA, two influential entities, in their shared mission of strengthening the global wood industry ecosystem. It entails the mutual promotion of content, events, and initiatives, with both entities leveraging their platforms, social media presence, and newsletters to broaden their reach and credibility within the industry. As an emblem of goodwill, Linkiwood extends complimentary memberships to IFSA, fostering a spirit of reciprocity.

2. IFSA Takes the Spotlight at Linkiwood Summit 2023:

As a significant facet of this partnership, IFSA will assume a pivotal role at the prestigious Linkiwood Techno Leadership Summit as an official speaker. This unparalleled opportunity grants IFSA direct access to industry leaders on a global stage, enabling them to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise.

3. Wider Access for Students:

Linkiwood is passionately committed to fostering international collaboration. As a testament to this commitment, Linkiwood is granting exclusive individual tickets to IFSA students and other interested individuals (promo code IFSA100) for the Linkiwood Summit 2023. This ensures that the next generation of forestry professionals has unbridled access to this pivotal event.

4. Empowering Future Forest Stewards:

Underlining their dedication to the education and empowerment of forestry students, Linkiwood is generously providing complimentary copies of the founder’s forthcoming book to forest universities. This contribution aligns seamlessly with IFSA’s mission and further cements the strength of this partnership, offering an invaluable resource to students and communities worldwide.

5. Paving the Way for Career Advancement:

This partnership sets the stage for future cooperation in the sharing of open job vacancies, employment opportunities, and volunteering initiatives. The commitment to developing the industry’s workforce is evident in this cooperative endeavor.

This partnership is primed to foster innovation, collaboration, and educational support within the wood industry. It promises a brighter future for forestry students and professionals across the globe.

🤝 Together, we’re making strides in the world of wood and forestry. 🌲

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