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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30



Online, November 30 – The anticipation is building as the highly anticipated Linkiwood 2023: Wood Tech Leadership Summit is just around the corner, with only 4 weeks left until this transformative event. This year’s summit promises to be a remarkable gathering of industry tech leaders, featuring a diverse lineup of distinguished speakers, a wide array of topics, and participation from delegates and experts from various countries.

This year’s summit promises to be an extraordinary gathering of industry leaders, featuring a diverse lineup of distinguished speakers, a wide array of topics, and participation from experts representing various countries.

Distinguished Speakers and Topics:

10:15 – Online Timber Industry – Jason Ross CEO at WoodCentral, Australia

10:30 – Talent Harnessing for Timber Company Advancements – Isabelle Claire President at IFSA, Philippines

10:45 – Entering Chinese Timber Market: Success Factors – Will Zhang CEO at WillWoood, China

11:00 – Understanding Forest Products Data for Decision Making – Ashley Steel, PhD FAO, Italy

11:30 – Enhancing Efficiency of Supply Chains – Fosize Poland

11:45 – German Way From Paper in the forest to Digital Reports – Ilya Gorodnyansliy CEO at Polter

12:00 – 40 Years of Timber Traceability R&D – Bengt Sörvik CEO at Otmetka, Sweden

12:15 – Large Timber Company’s Mobile App Success – Jens Fuglsang Roge Business manager at HD LogSystems, Denmark

12:30 – EUDR and Transparency in Timber Supply Chain – Swapan Chaudhuri CEO at Deeplai, Poland

13:00 – Digitising Timber Factories – Antti Miettunen VP at Pinja, Finland

13:15 – Resource Efficiency in Wood Production – Mikael Lagerbom Business Analyst at Microtec, Sweden

13:30 – Use Case of Digital Sawmills – Juha Valkola Director at Pinja, Finland

14:00 – From the Biggest Wood Group to Innovation Center – Lukas Pajauskas CSO at VMG Innovations, Lithuania

14:30 – Turning Errors into Expertise for Timber Traders – Alex Wysocki Founder at Linkiwood, Lithuania

14:45 – Evolution of the UK Timber Import – Andrew Ferguson CEO at WoodScanner, England

15:00 – Discovering the South American Timber Market – Gustavo Milazzo CEO at WoodFlow, Brazil

15:15 – Overcoming Technological Hurdles in Lumber Trading – Michael Wisnefski Ex-CEO of MaterialsXchange, USA

16:00 – SEEurope’s Wood Sector: Relocation and Expansion – Daniel-Paul Dima CEO at Porini Log, Finland

16:20 – Empowering Women Forest Owners – Danielle Atkins CEO at Forestland & Ladies, USA

16:35 – Wood Sector Marketing on Social Media – Isabella Plotkina Marketing Expert, USA

16:50 – Wood Products in Forest Carbon Credit Programs – Matthew Russell Forest Consultant at Arbor, USA

Conference Recap:

17:30 – Summary and 2024 Event Announcements

This exceptional lineup of speakers will delve into critical issues facing the wood industry, covering topics ranging from online timber trade to market insights and technological innovations. The summit’s international scope, with experts from various countries, promises to foster networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas.

Make sure to mark your calendar and secure your spot for the Linkiwood Business Summit 2023, where you’ll have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights and connect with industry leaders. For registration and more information, visit Linkiwood Business Summit 2023.

Stay tuned for further updates as we count down to the exciting opening of the Linkiwood Business Summit 2023!