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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30

Speaker Spotlight: Daniel-Paul Dima

Speaker Spotlight: Daniel-Paul Dima

Thrilled to introduce Daniel-Paul Dima, a seasoned senior consultant in forestry with a remarkable legacy spanning over two decades. His global career, spanning 20+ countries across four continents, reflects an unwavering dedication to excellence in forestry.

Beyond his professional strides, Paul’s passion for forest preservation extends generously into volunteerism. He actively supports NGOs engaged in impactful tree planting initiatives, elevating his contribution by synthesizing data into invaluable resources for business leaders.

Paul’s commitment extends to promoting economically efficient and ecologically sustainable harvesting technology. Notably, his involvement in “Plan B for Romania’s Forests and Society,” endorsed by HRH Charles III, underscores his holistic approach to conservation.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Paul isn’t just a professional stalwart but an engaged community member. His efforts reflect a profound commitment to environmental causes, knowledge sharing, and local community involvement.

Join Daniel-Paul Dima at the Linkiwood 2023: Wood Tech Leadership Summit where he’ll delve into the pivotal role of the Evolution of Forest Consulting, Digital Reports, Data Sources in decision-making processes. Gain insights into its significance not only in forestry but also its broader impact on informed decision-making.

Paul’s expertise and passion make him a respected figure in forestry and beyond. Don’t miss this opportunity to glean valuable insights at the summit! #ForestryLeadership #BusinessSummit2023