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Linkiwood International Business Summit on November 30

Driving Collaboration and Innovation: A Successful Second Meeting of Timber Industry Leaders

Driving Collaboration and Innovation: A Successful Second Meeting of Timber Industry Leaders

Today marked an important milestone for our community as we held our second meeting, bringing together like-minded individuals and companies dedicated to transforming the timber industry. With two new members joining our ranks, the energy and enthusiasm were palpable. In this article, we will highlight the key discussions and outcomes from the meeting, showcasing the collective determination to drive positive change and foster collaboration within the industry.

We are thrilled to introduce two new members who have further enriched our diverse community. Pinja, an exceptional forest software company from Finland, has made a remarkable impact on the Northern markets and Baltics. Their strong traction and innovative solutions have positioned them as a frontrunner in the industry. The second new member, Deeplai, introduced their groundbreaking TimberID during the prestigious Ligna fair, earning well-deserved recognition for their technological advancements.

To ensure a productive session, Alex Wyscoki invited Mike Wishnefski, a seasoned professional. His wealth of experience lent a valuable perspective to the discussions.

The meeting saw an impressive lineup of industry representatives. Andrew Ferguson represented WoodScanner from the United Kingdom, Gustavo Milazzo showcased the ambitions of Brazilian startup WoodFlow, Ilya Gorodnyanskiy presented the Polter app for foresters in the DACH region, Fosize app by Paul from Poland brought inventory management expertise, and Bengt Sörvik shared insights on the well-known Otmetka from Sweden.

Mike initiated the conversation by emphasizing the importance of clearly defining our mission and understanding the collective purpose of our collaboration. Andy emphasized the need to digitize industry practices, recognizing the immense potential for innovation and efficiency gains. Gustavo highlighted the significance of learning from one another, acknowledging that knowledge sharing can fuel transformative change. Bengt added to the discussion by suggesting that we engage in brainstorming sessions to collectively solve daily challenges, emphasising the spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

With a unanimous agreement to establish regular meetings focused on confirmed agendas, the community solidified its dedication to driving progress. Every voice was heard, and it was collectively decided that the next meeting would center around Mike’s expertise with timber marketplaces, while Alex would share key metrics for wood trade platforms. This commitment to continual learning and knowledge exchange sets the stage for future victories and advancements.

As our community moves forward, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our progress, and feel free to connect with us as we work together to shape the future of the timber industry. Together, we can achieve remarkable things, one victory at a time.